The Big, The Small, The Bad, and The Ugly

exterminator Please call for a consultation regarding any of the following services:

Monthly Roach/Rodent Services- Assure your home or business is pest free. We will come each month, inspect and treat as needed.

Having a termite problem? We can help. Our treatment rates are very reasonable. A technician needs to inspect your property for an estimate. Treatment comes with a renewable yearly warranty.

Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranties- Our warranty program is a staple of our business, serving home owners and real estate agents for years. Let us inspect your home. Be Proactive and get protected before a problem arises. Our warranty programs are inexpensive and renewable yearly.

Carpenter Ants- We will inspect and treat both the interior and exterior of your home. Includes a sixty day warranty.

Bed Bugs- Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States. Nowadays it is so easy to bring them home with you. We treat all homes and commercial businesses with the most effective practices.

We sell bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements!

Roach Cleanout. An extensive treatment of your home that will help rid you of those pesky pests.

Summer Services- A three visit process. We treat the interior and exterior of your home. Each visit is geared to get your home through the end of spring and into the summer, then transcend into fall. Works great as a preventive measure during key times of the year.

Stinging insects- We cover any and all types of bees and wasps. Call us for a consultation.

From mice to groundhogs, silverfish to cave crickets Mantis Pest Control has you covered!!!!

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